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About Us - Who we are

Going on a Roman holiday vacation can be exciting. However, sometimes traveling with kids can be a challenge. There’s a lot to do and see in Rome, but not all kids can endure several hours of touring, especially in venues where they are told to stay quiet and not touch anything.

Children are curious and they experience life differently than adults. We recognize their needs as much as your desires to take in the history and culture of Rome. We make it fun for both you and your kids to go on a tour with us.

Rome Tours with Kids has been operating in Rome and areas beyond since 2013. We only work with the best guides to sevice your families. Each of our guides are completely fluent in English and have experience working with children of all ages to give a fun and educational tour the whole family can appreciate. Each one also uses their own special techniques to engage your children and keep them interested throughout the tour.

We rely on client feedback as a means of evaluation of our guides and services. We appreciate when you can offer us suggestions as we continue to always give the best experience possible.