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Ostia Tour with kids

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Price can vary on season

Duration: 3 hours
No-lines policy: you will not stand in the entrance lines!
Availability: Everyday except Mondays
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Outside of Rome’s city center there is a special place that is perfect for a family who likes to explore and dreams of the idea to travel back in time. Our Ostia Antica Tour is one that does just that. There you will see the remains of Ostia, now a ghost town of Rome’s ancient port because after the fall of the Roman Empire everyone in town packed up and left their businesses, homes, and life they once knew in search of a safer place that could provide a new way of life when Rome was no longer the center of the Ancient world.

In Ostia-Antica you can wander the abandoned streets and buildings for hours. We will guide your family through the most important ones from the Port of Rome: the theater, the thermal baths, the mills, the square of the guilds, the Capitolium and more during our 3 hour tour. It will be a time-travel experience were we tell you the story of how the people in this special place once lived so you can imagine life as it once was.

As an outdoors venue, this place is perfect for children to explore a historic and important archeological site important to Rome. You will not only be able to see the ruins in this town but you will also walk the same roads and go right into the buildings. It’s a wonderful place to pretend you were an ancient merchant living in the dwellings, attending the theater, or eating in a restaurant just as they did in ancient times and like they still do today in modern Rome.

- A minimum of 24 hours notice is required in order to reserve this tour. This does not guarantee availability, especially during high season.

- Tour length is 3 hours and is mostly outdoors.

- Afternoon tours during winter months are scheduled no later than 1pm.

- Entrance tickets are included in the tour price and we take care of them.

- This tour is available everyday except major holidays.

- This tour will continue as scheduled in rainy weather. Bring appropriate raingear if rain is advised. · Comfortable walking shoes are suggested. The terrain at Ostia is uneven with large cobblestones.

- Sunscreen and bottled water is recommended, especially during hot, sunny days.

- Transportation from your hotel is not included. Please inquire for the fee of our service if you would like to hire our private driver.

- It is possible to take the train to Ostia Antica. It is approximately 45 minutes – 1 hour from Termini Station.

- There is a café available at the site of Ostia if you wish to stay for lunch or a break after your tour and continue exploring afterwards.

- If you cannot visit Pompeii during your trip to Italy, this venue is a similar site to see, but has a different historic story to tell.

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