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Pisa City and Leaning Tour with kids

Top-rated online!

Price can vary on season

Duration: 2.5 hours
No-lines policy: you will not stand in the entrance lines!
Availability: Everyday
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With the services of a local guide who specialises in working with kids and their families you will explore the very best of Pisa. You will not only see the famous leaning tower but you will climb it! The kids will be thrilled. In addition you will visit many other monuments and works of art that most tourists miss out on a visit to Pisa.

You will meet with your guide in front of the Cathedral, one of the world’s most beautiful churches. The Cathedral attests to the power and wealth of Pisa in the XII century when the city controlled the trade in the Mediterranean. This beautiful church is covered with precious marble and contains numerous, exquisite, paintings and mosaics. The guide will make this a fun learning experience for the children but all the family will be involved in quizzes, photo contests, scavenger hunts and other games designed to complement the various sites being visited.

The guide will also used an iPad and other visual aids to take you back in time but at the same time making history come alive.

The tour includes entrance to the medieval Baptistery. You are sure to be impressed by its amazing architecture and, if you have a good singing voice, you will have the chance of a live performance to test the superb acoustics.

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Myke Strootman from Troy, Ohio, USA
1 reviews

Cristiana and Roberta were excellent tour guides for our Roman holiday. As a business owner, taking off time is difficult.

After scraping and saving for a year, we decided to take our kids to Florence for some fun in the sun. We visited the Vatican on day one of our vacation, to see the art collection and visit the holy city.

My 8-year-old son wanted to be a gladiator; we had a chance to visit the gladiator school. We toured the coliseum and my daughter loved it. Lunch was great, and then we toured the outskirts for a day.

Touring Florence at night was a great experience; the city glowed like a diamond. The music, the food and the laughter was a refreshing experience. The food was great, loved the Italian Sodas and Ice cream.

We explored the city for 5 days and nights, not all night long. We had a great time; the travel was easy and affordable. I would not change the experience for anything in the world. After five days, I felt refreshed and ready to go back to work.

I hope that you will take the chance to go out and experience Florence for yourself, I am glad that I did.