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A journey back to the Roman Empire

Top-rated online!

Price can vary on season

Duration: 2.5 hours
Outdoor Fun: Kids have plenty of space to play and learn open air!
Availability: Everyday
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It is a journey back to the ancient Rome that will let you discover places, facts and costumes of the Roman Empire. Your kids will understand how the Imperial forums built by the Roman Emperors used to be and which activities where taking place among their pillars and temples.

The guide will play games and scavenger hunts inside the Trajan’s Markets, which was not the first shopping mall of Rome as everyone think!

Then the amazing stories of battles and wars carved on the Trajan column will come back to life and you will learn about the Roman legions and the Imperial Army. And where most of the prisoners of war captured by the Romans were brought to?

That’s a question your kids will surely be able to answer: to the Colosseum! If most of them were just killed for the public entertainment, the best were selected and trained in the Gladiator school: and your tour guide will show you its ruins just behind the famous Amphitheatre!

The tour is a 2.5 hours walking tour

Includes some of the best sites of Ancient Rome. Colosseum will be visited from outside.

Tickets can be bought on the day of the tour:

Trajan Markets ticket price: 12 euros per adult and free for the kids.

Jane & Andy Rodax from Carrollton, georgia
1 reviews
Recently we took a family vacation to Italy. It was myself, my husband, and our two kids. Since we were traveling with our children we wanted them to experience the vacation on their level, so we decided to book a tour with Rome Tours with Kids. They were wonderful! We had the pleasure of dealing with Roberta on the phone who was able to make everything possible. Our tour guide was Cristiana. Both women were great! Our kids were able to learn about ancient Rome, they got to see the Colosseum, the Vatican, and so much more. My son is a talker, and loves to ask questions, and Cristiana was very patient with him, and answered everything he asked. The kids (as well as my husband and I) and so much fun. We even got to take the kids to a Pizza Making class in Rome which was a big hit with the kids. If you decide to take a family vacation to Italy, I highly recommend using Rome Tours with Kids!!
Frida Ouzil from Calgary, Canada
1 reviews

Our trip was something I thought would be cool to experience for us, and it turned out to be better than I anticipated. That’s why I like to share my experience with others. My brother-in-law's family had never been to Rome, or Italy and my daughter wanted to spend her summer break with her twin cousin sisters, Ruth and Natalya. Then we planned a family tour to Rome.

I have traveled extensively with my daughter and was always searching for wonderful child friendly guides, who could capture my daughter's attention, who would make it interesting and meaningful too. We loved our trip to Rome. Our tour guides (Cristiana and Roberta) were really wonderful. They were easy going, knowledgeable, and also passionate. They treated our kids in such a way that they became friends of them.

We loved our trip to Rome. I asked each of the kids to tell me their favorite parts of the trip and this is what they had to say. Ruth’s favorite was visiting the Colosseum which is the most iconic landmark in the city. She wanted to film as much footage as she could while she was there because it was such a cool setting. Mayra’s favorite one was throwing coins in Trevi Fountain.

Natalya’s favorite was walking up the Spanish Steps and taking in the views of the city at the top. We ventured to the National Archaeological Museum. It was mind-blowing. What an awesome sight to see for the kids. I was surprised to see how interested they were in the Roman architecture. It was very peaceful and mind provoking. We had the best guides ever, because they made sure that we were well aware of the historical value behind everything we experienced.

The Vatican was amazing, too. Thanks a lot Cristiana and Roberta, as well as “Rome Tours With Kids” company for making our holiday such special and comfortable. We learned interesting facts and were able to breeze through these parts of our planned sightseeing and this made it possible to do so much more with our limited time in this glorious city. Rome really is an amazing space to wander around. It’s this ancient space that you can be in, touch, and explores; I recommend trying “Rome Tours With Kids” for private tours of Rome those who have kids.